04_Nathaniel White_The sea at Sampierie


"So many,

I had not thought death had undone so many"

T. S. Eliot - The Wasteland

Routes is a project that acts as a witness to the tragedy of those who die and go missing attempting to reach Europe. Routes makes visual the brutal and dehumanising breadth of the crisis, documenting, fact checking and photographing the locations of every entry in the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) dataset of dead and missing migrants; more than 17,000 individual images and, tragically, counting.

Formed into enormous prints, all these points of information held in the IOM database are transformed into concrete objects, designed to be hung into the space, accosting the viewer, inviting them to trip over it, or brush past.


"Loose sands dog my steps. Loose sands of deserts, of chiseled seabed shrouds"

It is not only seabed sands that shroud those who die making perilous journeys into, and throughout, Europe. They are buried under soil too, their names recorded in graveyard registers across the continent, given a permanent status by counties that may not otherwise welcome them. Granted granite passports. 

Routes, as well as documenting the vast scale, also shows the quieter, individual moments of burial, mourning, remembrance, and the traces these moments have left on our landscapes.

Wole Soyinka

15_Nathaniel White_The graveyard registe
09_Nathaniel White_Tools used for washin
08_Nathaniel White_A funeral shroud lies
07_Nathaniel White_Refugee graveyard on
18_Nathaniel White_A signpost on the Tex

ReGeneration4 (2021)

YUZ Museum, Shanghai

28 April - 15 August

ReGeneration4 (2020)

Musée de l’Élysée, Lausanne

Visible Justice (2019)

London College of Communication, London

Sink Without Trace (2019)

P21 Gallery, London



I like to continue developing my work into different forms, considering most of my projects to be ongoing bodies of work. For Routes I have recently been experimenting with turning it into a video format which can be seen below.